Student relaxes in a park on a blanket while using her laptop to do classwork.


Online community college programs make it possible for you to learn while working. They are convenient and flexible ways to earn your associate degree or certificate.

太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站, we want to provide a quality education and help you succeed in your desired field. That is why we provide many fully online degree and certificate programs. We provide an affordable, quality education while adjusting for your needs. Find the online program that is right for you at 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站.



SJC offers 工商管理 programsLearn about fundamental business concepts such as accounting, business law, and management. Build the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in your business career by earning an associate degree.


工商管理学位,AA, AAS

听诊器放在纸上As health insurance becomes more complex, the need for qualified medical office workers has increased. Prepare for a successful career as a 健康资讯科技 professional with our online program, which includes a 40-hour professional practice internship.


健康资讯科技 Degree, AAS (Online)

SJC offers 信息技术 programsLearn to provide IT knowledge and technical support skills to businesses. Complete our online associate degree in 信息技术 in just 16 months. You will also be prepared to earn three certificates: 信息技术 Support, 网络支持, 和网络安全支持.

Students can complete the 信息技术 degree 100% online.


信息技术 Degree (Online), AAS

SJC提供文科课程Our two-year 文科 associate degree covers English, 数学, 科学, 社会科学, 人文学科, 美术, 计算机科学. You will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree in 文科.


SJC提供市场营销课程The 市场营销 associate degree program at 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站 blends traditional marketing with new media marketing. Learn the skills you need to be a successful marketing professional or a small business owner.



SJC提供职业安全课程This online degree will prepare you for entry-level workplace safety jobs. You will learn how to evaluate worksites, safety procedures, and equipment. Your job will ensure that workspaces fall within local, state, and federal guidelines.



Physical therapist helping a patient with legs up on a rollerBe a part of one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation! 与物理治疗师密切合作, you'll play a critical role in helping patients of all ages regain or maintain their independence and lead active lives. We offer both a traditional on-campus program and an online hybrid program that leads to an associate degree as a physical therapist assistant.



SJC提供心理学课程Study the brain and what makes humans tick. Earn your associate degree in psychology from 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站 for a strong foundation in this field. You'll learn about human behavior, development, emotions, and the 科学 of thinking.



SJC offers a 兽医技术 programOur online program is a rigorous yet flexible path if you seek a career as a credentialed veterinary technician, 兽医助理, 或者实习经理. See why our graduates frequently test 15% to 20% above the national average in most testing categories.


兽医技术 Degree (Online), AAS


Teacher teaching two students sign languageThe 美国手语(ASL) certificate at 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站 will provide you with training in basic American Sign Language as well as an understanding the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing cultures. With a broad understanding of this visual language, you will be ready to immerse yourself within the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities and cultures. 


美国手语(ASL) Certificate

SJC offers Behavioral Health and Mental Health programs太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站, you will gain the knowledge and skills to provide valuable care to those with mental and behavioral health concerns and make a positive difference in your community. The 行为健康/心理健康 program is offered both face-to-face and online so you can take courses in a format that works for you.

行为健康/心理健康 Certificate

计费和编码Learn how to navigate medical codes and protect patient information. Our online 医疗编码/计费 Certificate can be completed in less than two years, and you will be eligible to take the Certified Coding Associate exam. Be a part of this important and fast-growing field.


Medical Insurance Coder / Biller Certificate (Online)

students performing a surgical procedureAs a surgical first assistant, you will support surgeons to ensure a safe operation. 在太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站, you will receive hands-on lab training as well as assist in live surgical procedures. Earn your surgical first assistant certificate in 12 months. 

Students can complete the 外科助理医师证书 100% online.